Money laundering involves engaging in financial transactions which are designed to conceal or promote illegal conduct. In addition, the prosecution often charges "structuring" as part of money laundering charges. The government has expanded its definition to include almost any financial transaction, therefore, it is essential that your lawyer understand the critical distinctions that separate this federal crime from other less serious charges. A conviction for laundering can have dire consequences, including a possible prison sentence of 20 years and enormous financial penalties, in addition to restitution and forfeiture.

As a former Enforcement Attorney for the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, Philadelphia money laundering defense lawyer Hope Lefeber’s experience enables her to understand how the government operates, and therefore, enables her to best prepare a winning defense. For over 30 years, Ms. Lefeber has represented individuals charged with money laundering and fraud.

Indeed, the definition has expanded to include an extremely broad range of financial dealings involving money earned illegally, processed through bank accounts or converted to any desired form of exchange. Historically, the government charged only drug leaders with money laundering. Today, however, the government is using these charges in virtually every white collar case as a means to invoke the higher sentencing guidelines that correspond to the money laundering statutes.

Hope Lefeber has an impressive record of favorable results, including cases involving complex legal issues and financial dealings. She vigorously defends against overreaching by the government. Ms. Lefeber also has a network of experts, including forensic accountants who can assist in your defense of federal criminal charges.

Defending Federal Money Laundering Charges

It is essential to hold the government to its burden of proof, that is, to prove every element of the money laundering offense beyond a reasonable doubt. The government must prove that the proceeds are from illegal activities and that the defendant knowingly engaged in financial transactions to promote or conceal the fraudulent conduct or illegal activity. If a defendant was unaware of the unlawful activity while engaging in the financial transactions, that is a defense to federal laundering charges.

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