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A conviction for a federal drug crime can lead to very severe consequences, but Philadelphia drug crime defense attorney Hope Lefeber uses over 30 years of experience to skillfully and aggressively defend people facing drug charges with a proven track record for excellent results. Throughout her career, Ms. Lefeber has defended clients against serious drug trafficking charges, including conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver or distribute, and distribution. Experience guides her handling of every case, whether negotiating with a prosecutor in a felony drug case or working behind the scenes to get charges reduced or dropped.

Federal criminal defense attorney Hope Lefeber is extremely well-known and respected by judges and lawyers in the federal courts for her aggressive and effective representation of her clients and for obtaining the best results. She is tireless in her pursuit of her client’s constitutional rights and vigorously challenges any evidence obtained by the government. Ms. Lefeber is meticulous in her attention to every detail. This is critical to a successful defense because the DEA and FBI spend a tremendous amount of time and resources prosecuting federal drug cases.

As a former enforcement attorney for the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, Ms. Lefeber uses the knowledge she gained working for the government to best defend her clients. She has represented high-profile clients, published numerous articles, lectured on federal criminal law issues and appeared on TV News as a legal expert.

Attorney Lefeber handles every case personally, from grand jury investigation, bail and probable cause hearing through trial and appeal. This is the law firm clients turn to when they need to know that everything possible is being done in their defense. When suppression of evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure is an issue or when the police have violated her clients' constitutional rights, Ms. Lefeber uses forceful advocacy to achieve results.

When facing federal drug crime charges, having a drug crime attorney who is fully knowledgeable of evidence, federal rules and federal procedures is critical to your case.

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