Facing prosecution by the federal government is a frightening experience. Federal prosecutors, FBI, IRS, ATF and DEA agents use tremendous resources to convict people of federal crimes. The criminal process begins the moment you become aware of an investigation and it is important to retain a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure that your interests are represented and your rights protected.

Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Hope Lefeber has been consistently honored as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer, as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

She has been practicing federal criminal law for over 30 years. This experience gives her in-depth knowledge of the federal evidence, search and seizure law, federal rules and procedures and sentencing guidelines applicable in the federal courts. She has a proven track record for obtaining the best results. As a former enforcement attorney for the United States Securities & Exchange Commission, Hope Lefeber uses the knowledge she gained working for the government to best defend her clients and prepare a winning defense. Ms. Lefeber has represented high-profile clients, published numerous articles, lectured on federal criminal law issues and appeared on TV News as a legal expert. She uses her extensive experience to provide effective advocacy in federal trials and appeals.

Hope Lefeber is extremely well-known and respected in the federal courts for her aggressive and effective representation of her clients. She is tireless in her pursuit of her client's constitutional rights and vigorously challenges any evidence obtained by the government. She is highly respected by judges, colleagues and clients, for her meticulous attention to detail, her extraordinary trial preparation and for exceptional results at sentencings.

High-Quality Federal Criminal Defense Throughout Your Case

Prosecution in the federal criminal justice system is a complex process that can begin before you receive a subpoena, request for production of documents or a visit from law enforcement agents. The federal government has vast resources, and having an experienced federal attorney representing you as early as possible will ensure that you achieve the most favorable results.

Hope Lefeber works with clients from the inception of their cases, during the pretrial process, through the trial or guilty plea, sentencing, and through appeals. She has earned a reputation as an aggressive litigator who makes her clients her first priority — she will personally handle all aspects of your defense. Hope Lefeber will fight for your rights.

Ms. Lefeber's federal criminal defense practice covers a broad range of federal offenses:

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