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Criminal Defense

Anyone charged with a federal crime faces a fierce opponent: the might and resources of the United States government. When lives and property are at stake, clients need a fierce defender on their side of the courtroom. Hope Lefeber is well-known, by… Read More


Consistently honored as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer, as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorn… Read More

Federal Criminal Defense & Federal Crimes

Facing prosecution by the federal government is a frightening experience. Federal prosecutors, FBI, ATF and DEA agents use tremendous resources to convict people of federal crimes. The criminal process begins the moment you become aware of an investi… Read More

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Federal sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums can have a drastic effect on the lives of people convicted of federal crimes. For over 30 years, has practiced extensively in the federal courts, obtaining the best results and lowest sentences for… Read More

White Collar Federal Crimes

Hope Lefeber — a former Enforcement Attorney for the SEC — has a proven track record for obtaining the best results in representing clients in the defense of white collar criminal cases, as well as in parallel administrative and civil proceedings… Read More

Financial Fraud

In this climate, prosecutors are setting their sights on businesses and business people. The Securities and Exchange Commission is working closely with prosecutors in the United States Attorneys’ Offices to see who they can bring charges against. I… Read More

Securities Fraud

In this climate, prosecutors are setting their sights on businesses and business people. The Securities and Exchange Commission is working closely with prosecutors in the United States Attorneys’ Offices to see who they can bring charges against. I… Read More


Forfeiture is a weapon used by the government in virtually all white collar cases to obtain enormous judgments against defendants. Increasingly, the government seeks forfeiture in addition to restitution, resulting in double judgments in criminal cas… Read More

Grand Jury Investigations

A grand jury is a group of citizens that has been called to hear evidence and determine whether or not a person should be charged with a crime. As a tool of the prosecutor, a grand jury can be used to initiate criminal proceedings or to investigate p… Read More

Health Care Fraud

Health care fraud is a major government priority right now. The Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General and local Attorneys General are spending tremendous resources investigating and vigorous… Read More

Internet Crime

The Internet has changed everyday life in ways too numerous to count. Internet crime has become more and more common with the growth of the Internet and its widespread use by people in all walks of life. Because both case law and technology changes a… Read More

Mail and Wire Fraud

WHAT IS MAIL FRAUD? WHAT IS WIRE FRAUD? Federal prosecutors often charge individuals with mail and wire fraud when they do not have enough evidence to prove another criminal charge or when the other crime is only punishable under state law. Anyone wh… Read More

Money Laundering

Money laundering involves engaging in financial transactions which are designed to conceal or promote illegal conduct. In addition, the prosecution often charges “structuring” as part of money laundering charges. The government has expand… Read More

Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes are a type of financial fraud which can be investigated by various agencies of the federal government, including the SEC and FBI, as well as state government agencies. Sometimes, even in the best scenario, the penalties for running a Po… Read More


Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Hope Lefeber has over 30 years of experience dealing with government investigations, criminal accusations, RICO laws and more. Her aggressive white collar defense techniques have been successful in defending cli… Read More

Search & Seizure

It is absolutely crucial that your lawyer have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of search and seizure law because evidence obtained through a violation of the Fourth Amendment is inadmissible at trial. This can make the difference between a convict… Read More

Tax Fraud

Allegations of filing false tax returns, failure to file, structuring or tax evasion are serious criminal charges that can result in lengthy prison terms under the federal sentencing guidelines. If you have been accused of tax fraud, working with an… Read More

Business and Corporate Fraud

Business and corporate fraud allegations can be life-changing. Legitimate careers and business relationships have been destroyed from mere accusations of business or corporate fraud. This is a highly complicated area of the law where the key to a suc… Read More

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud cases are generally prosecuted under federal fraud statutes such as mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud, depending on the nature of the crime. A charge of conspiracy will also be brought in most cases. In defending mortgage fraud all… Read More

Federal Fraud

Fraud or embezzlement occurs when an individual entrusted with money illegally diverts the funds for their own use. Federal fraud offenses include crimes such as credit card fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, comput… Read More

Drug Crimes

You Have ONE CHANCE to be Found NOT GUILTY or Make the Right Deal. A conviction for a federal drug crime can lead to very severe consequences, but Philadelphia defense attorney Hope Lefeber uses over 30 years of experience to skillfully and aggressiv… Read More

Drug Crimes Overview

If you are under investigation for a drug crime, or believe you may be under investigation by the DEA or FBI, talk with a lawyer immediately. Early intervention by an experienced lawyer may deter prosecutors from pressing criminal charges. Federal an… Read More

Federal Drug Crimes Information Center

The federal criminal justice system is significantly more complicated to navigate than the state court system and penalties for drug offenses can be much higher. For this reason, if you are facing federal drug charges, it is essential that your lawye… Read More

Possession with Intent to Deliver / Distribute

There is no doubt that federal agencies such as the FBI and DEA are formidable entities. They have both the funding and the manpower needed to effectively investigate drug crimes and are relentless in their pursuit. If you are facing federal drug pos… Read More

Property Subject to Forfeiture

Forfeiture is the government seizure of property connected to illegal activity. Utilized by the federal and state law enforcement in the ongoing “war on drugs,” the practice has not been without controversy. Law enforcement has asserted t… Read More

Pill Mill Defense

The DEA and FBI aggressively bring “pill mill” charges against medical professionals who are involved in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic pain. The government uses federal drug conspiracy laws, typically used to prosecute street-l… Read More

Federal Appeals

Federal criminal appeals are tremendously complex. After a conviction, many people turn to a new lawyer with specific experience in federal criminal appeals. Attorney Hope Lefeber has successfully argued in appellate courts throughout the United Stat… Read More