If you are being investigated or have been charged or convicted of a federal crime and are looking for a tough defense lawyer, Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Hope Lefeber is a powerful advocate to have on your side. Ms. Lefeber has been practicing federal criminal defense law for more than 30 years. She is known nationally as one of the top federal criminal defense lawyers and has been honored as a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer, as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association and one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Her consistent record of success on behalf of her clients has earned her a reputation for the most aggressive and effective representation.

Charged with a crime? You're going to need a tough, talented trial lawyer with a reputation for the best results.

“I began my career as an enforcement attorney for the United States Securities & Exchange Commission,” Ms. Lefeber said. “My understanding of federal prosecution arms me with perspective and knowledge to defend against the government. Over more than three decades as a practicing lawyer, I have gained unrivaled expertise in federal criminal law, trial and sentencing proceedings.”

Her boutique law practice allows Ms. Lefeber to handle each of her clients personally and see every case through, from start to finish. She will not pass you off to a less-experienced associate. As her client, you will deal directly with Ms. Lefeber at each and every stage of the proceedings and are guaranteed her personal attention. She pays close attention to every detail of every case. This begins with a personal introductory session with every new client, where the client is asked to recount the details of the case.

"Anyone accused of a crime wants one thing: to tell his or her story. I recognize this, and give you my personal guarantee that you will be heard."

By retaining Ms. Lefeber, you are guaranteed close, personal attention from an attorney who has earned a reputation for securing the best results for her clients. There is no case too complicated and no evidence too overwhelming for her to defend. She listens to all clients and fights equally hard in all cases.

Ms. Lefeber leads a legal defense team tailored to each case she handles, including experienced investigators, top forensic and tax experts and other authoritative professionals. Each customized team is tirelessly focused on pursuit of the client’s constitutional rights and vigorously challenging the government's evidence.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

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