Legal Victories

Federal Jury Finds Ms. Lefeber's Client NOT GUILTY On All Counts

In U.S.A. v. Wilbur Jerome Ross, Crim. No. 12-285 (E.D.Pa) a federal jury found Ms. Lefeber’s client not guilty on all counts, following Ms. Lefeber’s vigorous and aggressive defense at trial.  60-year-old Wilbur Ross of Glenside, Montgomery County was a businessman who had played by the rules his entire life, with not a convicti… Read More

NOT GUILTY On Multiple Counts of $700,000 Federal Grant Wire Fraud Wire Fraud and Amount of Loss Reduced To $73,000

In U.S. v. Ding, No. 15-0035 (E.D. Pa.) a federal jury acquitted on four counts of a $700,000 wire fraud alleging fraud in connection with the procurement and fulfillment of federal grants from NASA. This case involved numerous complex legal issues relating to the performance and execution of federal grants, including the materiality and timin… Read More

Amount of Loss in $14.1M Mortgage Fraud Reduced Below $400K

In a complex mortgage fraud, mail and wire fraud and money laundering case, Ms. Lefeber’s client received probation where the government sought in excess of 10 years imprisonment based upon the indictment of a $14.1 million dollar conspiracy.  Ms. Lefeber’s vigorous and innovative defense caused the federal district judge to concl… Read More

Acquittal In Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Case

Following a federal jury trial, Ms. Lefeber’s client was found not guilty on all counts of mail and wire fraud in connection with checks which were sent to her. Read More

Fortune 500 Company Executive Wins Below Guideline Sentence

Ms. Lefeber successfully obtained a downward variance from the federal sentencing guidelines for her client, a Fortune 500 company executive who had pled guilty to a lengthy wire fraud and tax evasion scheme.  In addition, Ms. Lefeber was able to reduce the amount of loss by hundreds of thousands of dollars, resulting in a lower sentencing gu… Read More

Tax Fraud Client Found Not Guilty

In United States v. Josephine Thayer, in a federal tax fraud jury trial, Ms. Lefeber represented a wife who became involved in her husband’s business and was charged with tax evasion.  The government proved that the defendants failed to pay payroll taxes and used the monies collected to pay business expenses.  Nonetheless, Ms. Lefeber… Read More

Acquittal in Federal Drug Conspiracy Trial

In a drug conspiracy case involving numerous defendants, Ms. Lefeber won a “not guilt” verdict on all counts for her client following a federal jury trial. Read More

Representation of Philadelphia Attorney

When famous Philadelphia lawyer, Bobby Simone, was convicted on federal charges after representing himself at trial, he called upon Ms. Lefeber to represent him at sentencing.  Following her plea for leniency based upon his dedication to his profession and good works, Mr. Simone received a sentence at the lowest end of the then mandatory fede… Read More

25 Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence Reduced To 10 Years

25 Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence Reduced To 10 Years Read More

Insurance Fraud Sentence Reduced

In an insurance fraud case, Ms. Lefeber successfully obtained a reduced sentence for her client based upon her use of recent Third Circuit precedent.  Ms. Lefeber’s use of recent precedent supported her argument that the insurance company was the only victim of the crime because all of the account holders had been made whole.  As a res… Read More

Methamphetamine Dealer Facing Ten Years Imprisonment Receives Probation

In United States v. Ed Smith, a federal criminal case where two brothers  distributed large amounts of the purest methamphetamine known to the Philadelphia DEA because they manufactured it in the pharmaceutical laboratories of Smith, Kline & French in Philadelphia, Ms. Lefeber’s obtained a sentence of probation for her client, while… Read More

7th Circuit Vacates Conviction

Ms. Lefeber successfully convinced the The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to vacate the conviction and remand for sentencing in a case where her client was charged with interstate travel to solicit minors, kidnapping, and more, in a highly publicized case. In United States of America v. William Beith, 03-2530, Lefeber raised new and previou… Read More

Motion for New Trial Based On Prosecutorial Misconduct Granted: Reduced Sentence

An extraordinarily detailed and forceful Motion to Vacate Sentence Based On Prosecutorial Misconduct by Ms. Lefeber, led to a new trial and a greatly reduced sentence for her client, Harold Ford. In United States v. Harold Ford, Criminal No. 06-643, Ms. Lefeber successfully won a new trial for Ford, who was originally sentenced to 23 years im… Read More

3rd Circuit Reverses Conviction

In a major legal victory, in the case of, United States v. Manny Baker, 221 F. 3d 438 (3d Cir. 2000), the Third Circuit reversed the conviction of Manny Baker after Hope C. Lefeber’s impassioned arguments on appeal. The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit agreed with Ms. Lefeber’s argument that the search violated… Read More

3rd Circuit Vacates Conviction, Remands for Resentencing

The Third Circuit agreed with Ms. Lefeber’s novel arguments in United States v. Thomas Chau, 221 F. 3d 438 (3d Cir. 2002) and vacated and remanded the sentence of a man who had pled guilty to environmental crimes.  Ultimately, Mr. Chau received a greatly reduced sentence. A pilot in the South Vietnamese army, Thomas Chau had fled to the Uni… Read More

Probationary Sentence in Federal Credit Card Fraud Case

A defendant in a federal credit card fraud case facing imprisonment receives a probationary sentence following Ms. Lefeber’s arguments for leniency based upon his unique family circumstances and his family’s dependence upon him. Read More

Doctor Receives Reduced Sentence

A doctor charged with drug trafficking and other violations of the Drug Device and Cosmetic Act, received a reduced sentence based upon Ms. Lefeber’s arguments regarding his addictive personality. Read More

Suburban Mom Receives Probation in Hit Man Case

In U.S.A. v. Sonia Panell, Crim. No. 14-80 (E.D.Pa), a federal judge sentenced the defendant to 3 years’ probation, rather than 5 years in federal prison, due to a vigorous defense by Hope Lefeber. Sonia Panell was a suburban mother of three facing up to five years in federal prison for conspiracy to commit murder-to-hire. Her common law hus… Read More

Attorney Facing Fraud Charges

An attorney who foolishly kept client funds was facing significant prison time. The case was clear cut, with no viable defense. Nonetheless, Ms. Lefeber presented a highly persuasive argument to the Court at sentencing, demonstrating all of the reasons (domestic abuse, parental illness, financial hardship) which caused her client to commit the… Read More

Drug Charges: 5 Year Mandatory Minimum, Defendant Receives Probation

A hard working woman who because of her actions while involved in a misguided romance, found herself facing a 5 year mandatory minimum jail term on drug charges, received a sentence of probation. Ms. Lefeber successfully proved to the Judge he true good nature of her client through her many acts of charity and community service, excellent empl… Read More



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