Plate Bail bonds and handcuffs on it - bail in federal court concept

Bail and Pretrial Release in Federal Criminal Cases

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, they are taken into custody while awaiting trial. In many cases, a defendant can be released from custody while waiting for their trial date. To request pretrial release in federal court, the crimina… Read More
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Magnifying glass over the word evidence - evidence federal court concept

Common Evidentiary Issues in Federal Criminal Court Cases

The Federal Court Rules of Evidence control the admissibility of evidence in a federal case. The decision as to whether or not certain evidence is admitted can mean the difference between a Guilty verdict and your freedom. By carefully analyzing evid… Read More
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Court of Law and Justice Trial Proceedings - mental state in federal crimes concept

Mens Rea: The Mental State Requirement in Federal Criminal Law Cases

For many crimes, the prosecutor must prove not only that the defendant committed the acts they are accused of, but also that they had a guilty mental state. This is the mens rea, or “guilty mind” element, and reflects the idea that, to warrant pu… Read More
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Judge gavel on law books with statue of justice and court building - federal criminal process concept

Understanding the Federal Criminal Process

The federal criminal process is unique, and many people, including some lawyers, do not fully understand what is involved when someone is facing federal criminal charges. If you believe you are under investigation for a federal crime or are facing fe… Read More
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A statue of the blindfolded lady justice in front of the United States Supreme Court building - federal investigative agencies concept

What Agencies Are Responsible for Investigating Federal Crimes?

The overwhelming majority of crimes in the United States are investigated and prosecuted by state agencies. But crimes that cross state lines or involve violations of federal laws are investigated by the Department of Justice and its federal investig… Read More
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State Capitol building

How Does the Jurisdiction of State and Federal Court Differ?

When the United States was founded in 1776, tension existed between the federal and state governments regarding power, the ability to tax, and control of the courts and legal systems. This tension continues today and is evident in the separate jurisd… Read More
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US Securities and Exchange Commission building exterior - sec insider trading rules concept

SEC Approves New Insider Trading Rules

In December 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted unanimously to adopt amendments to rule 10b5-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934. The changes are intended to address concerns about insider trading abuse by executives bas… Read More
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Pfizer logo on the side of a store - Pfizer kickback lawsuit concept

Pfizer’s Supreme Court Appeal Over Anti-Kickback Lawsuit

In October 2022, Pfizer filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court seeking to overturn a decision regarding the anti-kickback lawsuit which prohibited Pfizer from providing financial assistance to Medicare beneficiaries to obtain Vyndaqel… Read More
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Close up shot of Bitcoin and alt coins cryptocurrency - crypto regulation concept

SEC Crypto Regulations

As cryptocurrencies and other digital assets increase in popularity, questions will continue to arise as to which federal agency will be primarily responsible for regulating them. Because of the popularity of crypto and digital assets, the federal go… Read More
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Spoliation of Evidence: Ephemeral Messaging

Popular ephemeral messaging apps like Snapchat, Confide, Wickr, and Threema are changing the way we communicate. Unlike traditional text and messaging applications, these apps provide encryption, screenshot protection, data storage, and automatic con… Read More
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