U.S.A. v. Cohen, Crim. No. 19-599 (U.S.D.C). In this high profile federal criminal case, an attorney, who had been employed in the subrogation department of the law firm of White & Williams, in Philadelphia, was charged with mail and wire fraud for masterminding a fraudulent scheme to create bogus subrogation claims in the amount of approximately $4,000.000. The defendant was facing 10 years imprisonment as a result of numerous applicable sentencing enhancements and the high loss amount. As a result of extensive legal research and successful arguments, Ms. Lefeber was able to convince the government that certain enhancements should not be applied. In addition, psychiatric and addiction experts testified on the defendant's behalf in mitigation and Ms. Lefeber was able to win a downward variance.

The Court imposed a sentence of 60 months - a significant victory for the defense.