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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Hope C. Lefeber Discusses Supreme Court’s Decision To Decide Whether A Facebook Post Can Be a Criminal Threat

Last week, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal from the Third Circuit about … Facebook! Surprisingly enough, this case is not about the company’s privacy policies or about its seemingly arbitrary removal of “offensive… Read More
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Third Circuit Allows §3582(c)(2) Departure Below Mandatory Minimum

Defendants Convicted of Crack Offenses Who Received Cooperation Departures Below the Mando Are Not Barred From Seeking a Sentence Reduction Under Section 3582(c)(2) In United States v. Savani, Nos. 11-4359/11-4494/12-1034, the Third Circuit held that… Read More
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Third Circuit Grants Appeal for Sentencing Error

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals vacated and remanded a final judgment where the trial court entered a general sentence on all counts of the Indictment. In United States v. Ward, 2010 WL 4746185 (C.A. 3 (Pa.)), the Third Circuit held that the sente… Read More
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