Federal White Collar Crimes

Federal White Collar Crim…

Philadelphia White Collar Crime Defense Attorney Hope Lefeber

Former Enforcement Attorney for United States Securities & Exchange Commission

Recognized as a Super Lawyer for her expertise in White Collar Crime — and honored among the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys and among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association — Philadelphia criminal defense attorney Hope Lefeber has a proven track record for obtaining the best results in representing clients in the defense of white collar criminal cases, as well as in parallel administrative and civil proceedings. She has represented individuals, including an executive of a Fortune 500 company, attorneys, physicians, professors and businessmen, at all stages of the criminal process, from preliminary investigation, through grand jury proceedings, to trial, sentencing and appeal. Ms. Lefeber has successfully convinced the United States Attorney’s Office to decline prosecution in white collar matters and has obtained NOT GUILTY verdicts in federal courts for her clients.

Accusations of White Collar Crime in the Federal Courts

Allegations of white collar crime can be devastating. Federal prosecutors use unlimited resources in the prosecution of white collar crimes — and legitimate careers and business relationships have been destroyed from mere accusations. This is a highly complicated area of the law where the key to a successful outcome, or reduced sentence, depends upon the defense lawyer’s understanding of the nuances of the federal law and the ability to mitigate the calculation of the amount of loss.

Many criminal defense attorneys are not prepared or equipped to handle federal cases. Many inexperienced lawyers simply advise their clients to throw in the towel and plead guilty, because they are unaware of the legal options or are intimidated by the federal government.

As a former Enforcement Attorney for the United States SEC, Ms. Lefeber’s experience enables her to understand how the government operates and, therefore, enables her to best prepare a winning defense. When you face federal allegations of white collar crime, it is essential to have an aggressive, experienced federal criminal attorney representing you. Ms. Lefeber is a tenacious advocate who will leave no stone unturned and will pursue every legal option available. She has a reputation for getting excellent results.

Your Advocate for Federal Investigation, Trial, Plea Agreements, Sentencing and Appeal

Due to draconian federal sentencing guidelines, you could be facing significant jail time if your attorney does not understand the nuances of your case. The criminal process begins the moment you are arrested, and the sooner you speak with federal defense lawyer, Hope Lefeber, the better she will be able to take effective action. Ms. Lefeber is relentless within the bounds of the law to protect you from a conviction for white collar crimes.

Ms. Lefeber is tireless in her pursuit of her client's constitutional rights and vigorously challenges any and all evidence obtained by the government. She utilizes a team of experts, accountants and investigators who will thoroughly examine the intricacies of your case in order to protect your rights and fight against the government. She is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to protect your rights and preserve all necessary objections for appeal. By crafting your case with the appeals process in mind, she can ensure that you are able to seek the most favorable outcome for your case.

Defense attorney Hope Lefeber handles the following matters:

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