man's hand holding a pen writing his signature - plea bargain in federal court concept

Accepting a Plea Bargain in Federal Court

A plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecution and the defendant where the defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest to criminal charges, often in exchange for a less severe charge or a more lenient penalty than the judge might otherwise… Read More
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Judge gavel on law books with statue of justice and court building - federal criminal process concept

Understanding the Federal Criminal Process

The federal criminal process is unique, and many people, including some lawyers, do not fully understand what is involved when someone is facing federal criminal charges. If you believe you are under investigation for a federal crime or are facing fe… Read More
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Judge Ruling Out a Decision in Court - retroactive sentence reductions concept

U.S. Sentencing Commission Votes to Allow Retroactive Sentence Reductions

On August 24, 2023, the United States Sentencing Commission voted to allow delayed retroactive application of Amendment 821, which authorized a two-point reduction under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for people with no significant criminal histor… Read More
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female lawyer working in office with contract and legal books sitting at table - choosing a federal criminal defense attorney concept

How to Choose a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

When you have been charged with a federal crime, the stakes are high. You need a lawyer with experience, who understands the unique requirements of defending a client in federal court, is not afraid or intimidated by the federal government, and will… Read More
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hands gripping the bars of a jail cell - federal criminal penalties concept

Potential Penalties in a Federal Criminal Case

Being charged with a federal crime means you have allegedly violated a law enacted by the United States Congress, as opposed to a law enacted by a state. Federal crimes typically involve federally regulated activities, such as crimes involving the ma… Read More
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Supreme Court Reins in Wire Fraud and Honest Services / Corruption Prosecutions Yet Ag

In May, the US Supreme Court issued another in a string of decisions that limit prosecutors from expanding federal fraud prosecutions beyond the scope intended by the statute. In Ciminelli v. US, the US Supreme Court continued its trend of finding th… Read More
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Philadelphia’s skyline in autumn - philly bridge project fraud concept

Third Circuit Limits Amount of Loss in Wire Fraud Case Involving Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

In United States v. Kousisis, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued another important and precedent-setting ruling and further clarified its decision in United States v, Banks, holding that even where government contracts are procured by misrepre… Read More
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Wooden brown judge gavel on the table, copy space, - Intended loss concept

Impact of United States v. Banks: Using “Actual” Loss Instead of “Intended” Loss

The United States Sentencing Guidelines provide courts with a framework for sentencing criminal defendants. In cases involving allegations of financial conduct and economic losses, the Guidelines place a heavy emphasis on the amount of loss as a prim… Read More
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A statue of the blindfolded lady justice in front of the United States Supreme Court building - federal investigative agencies concept

What Agencies Are Responsible for Investigating Federal Crimes?

The overwhelming majority of crimes in the United States are investigated and prosecuted by state agencies. But crimes that cross state lines or involve violations of federal laws are investigated by the Department of Justice and its federal investig… Read More
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Arresting financial criminals - bond fraud concept

CEO Gets 44 Months for Massive Bond Fraud

Michael Hild, the founder and former CEO of Live Well Financial, Inc., was sentenced in January to 44 months in prison for his role in orchestrating a $200 million bond fraud scheme. Live Well was a Virginia-based company that handled government-guar… Read More
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