U.S.A. v. Rezabek, No. 19-590 (U.S.D.C.). The defendant was charged in federal court with money laundering and tax evasion in connection with a multimillion dollar international wire fraud scheme and was facing an 8-9 year sentence of imprisonment, following his guilty plea. Ms. Lefeber successfully filed numerous objections to the Presentence Investigation Report and also proved that the defendant had demonstrated extraordinary acceptance of responsibility and suffered from conditions that enhanced his vulnerability to other individuals engaged in crime who took advantage of his naiveté. Lastly, Ms. Lefeber presented evidence from a psychological expert who underscored the emotional and psychological conditions that influenced her client’s judgment.

Persuaded by Ms. Lefeber’s sentencing presentation and legal arguments, the Judge sentenced the defendant to a sentence of 8 months’ imprisonment, rather than 8-9 years.