U.S. A. v. Ding, No. 15-0035 (U.S.D.C.) The defendant, a Lehigh University physics professor, was charged in a multi-count Indictment alleging fraud in connection with the procurement and fulfillment of federal grants from NASA. Following a 10 day federal jury trial, the jury acquitted the defendant on four counts of a $700,000 wire fraud

This case involved numerous complex legal issues relating to the performance and execution of federal grants, including the materiality and timing of the alleged misrepresentations. Ms. Lefeber vigorously raised unique issues as to the core theories of the prosecution and mounted an extraordinary challenge to the amount of loss. Ultimately, the trial Judge agreed and the amount of loss was reduced to $73,000. The trial judge noted that it was the result of the exemplary quality of Ms. Lefeber’s trial strategy, written motions and briefs that the defendant was acquitted on multiple counts and had his exposure so drastically reduced. The Judge further noted that he considers Ms. Lefeber to be “preeminent” and among the best criminal defense lawyers in Philadelphia.